Say goodbye to broken tests

Record UI tests, combine them with JavaScript and Tesabot's application analysis to create a reliable test solution for your web application.

Web testing

Tesabot understands and learns your application. It's:

  • Ready to use - download recorder and start UI testing.
  • Scalable - run hundreds of parallel tests in the cloud.
  • CI ready - run tests over API and send results to the tools you already use.
  • Platform agnostic - manage the testing environment in your browser.
  • Extensible - write your own JavaScript commands with full support of Selenium.
  • Data driven - drive test steps by data configuration.

How it works

Designed by software testers

We understand the frustration from long testing pipeline and we know the needs.

Make your testers happier and eliminate following pains:

  • Pre-release stress
  • Blocked development
  • Lost opportunities
  • Lack of resources testing

Like our early adopters already did:

ARTIN Jobote Kentico easyREDMINE

Let your team focus on what matters - the features.
Tesabot will take care of the tests

How much does Tesabot cost?

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